中国·兰州新胜利宾馆重建项目启动 诚邀四方商家共商大计共谋发展
2011-3-14 发布

中国·兰州新胜利宾馆重建项目启动 诚邀四方商家共商大计共谋发展 
Reconstruction Project of New Victory Hotel Launched in Lanzhou, China Merchants All Over the World Are Invited to Discuss and Develop Jointly




   The New Victory Hotel Reconstruction Project, stands at core area of Lanzhou, the capital city of west crucial Gansu province in China, is about to start. A landmark building is going to come out in this city, with large-scale, best-quality, all functions and most advanced intelligent designs, environmental & low-carbon facilities. The plot for the project takes around 16008 m2, and is located in the central busy downtown area of the city, for which it has super regional advantage. The project is going to be a modern commercial complex, integrated with famous chain-stored international five star hotel, large shopping mall, office block, upper-scale apartments, and popular brand such as McDonald and the like.

   By this merchants invitation, we plan to have a more precise positioning about the project architecture and business-shape, which aims to satisfy the entering merchants, according to the requirements of the branded hotel group and large commercial enterprises who have attained cooperative intentions.

   To achieve the above-mentioned targets, we are going to organize a rewarding activity of reasonable opinion-consultation, to collect public ideas and advices from all society, due to that the new victory hotel is a well-known hotel with quite a long history, for which almost every city residents have a particular feeling on it, and the coming visage and quality of the hotel after been reconstructed would be concerned by every Lanzhou residents with their wishes. Thus, we invite different business institutes, planning teams, and people from social communities, either domestic or abroad, to raise your ideas for the project reconstruction. We welcome all the participants, while the ideas that we could adopt and accept, we would provide rewards by setting up the prizes. As for the details, please follow up. 



    We welcome all the business enterprises for discussion and joint development, and we are ready for any consultation all the time.

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